To become the number one online game company in Japan

The previous vision was created at the time of establishment, about 10 years ago.

The vision we set at that time was to “become the number one online game company in Japan”.

We have not yet achieved it, and we are still not satisfied, but we would like to continue to strive for this goal.

The landscape has changed significantly over the past decade, with key players also changing.

The once closed-off Japanese market, dominated by flip phones, has now transitioned into an open market driven by smartphones, with formidable international players entering the scene on a daily basis.

In order to compete with that, we are putting forth all efforts into production. However,
due to our own limitations, we find ourselves unable to fully compete.

And this situation is similar across the entire Japanese game industry.

In this situation, I believe the next strategy is to form alliances that transcend the boundaries of the industry in Japan.

As all industries are rapidly digitalizing, a new industry is being born through the integration of networks and computer graphics as partners for DX, and as they explore interactivity and monetization, they are intertwining with games and new possibilities are emerging, thus revealing new possibilities in this evolving world.

Asobimo has been self-reliant and independent so far, but in the future, we will form a great alliance with Japanese companies,
aiming to create new industries and attract new customers, and challenge the world.

Please look forward to the evolution of Asobimo in the future.


Representative  Director Katsunori Kondo