Asobimo's Mission

Make everyone smile with "Asobi" (fun)

Message from the representative

Why are we making games?

I have been thinking about this for a long time.

The answer we came up with after thorough consideration was to make many people enjoy and be happy through the games we make.
When you are having fun or happy, that emotion is expressed in the form of a smile. Therefore, we want to make games to make people smile.

Who do we make smile?

We want to bring smiles to everyone involved, including our customers and developers.
That's why we make games: to make everyone smile.

What makes everyone smile?

What we are working on is a game. In a broader sense, it’s entertainment, it’s “fun”.
We chose to express it as "Asobi", a Japanese word for "fun", with the hope that it will be a universally recognized Japanese term like "Manga".

Therefore, we are aiming to pursue the mission to

"Make everyone smile with Asobi".

Asobimo Inc.
Representative Director Katsunori Kondo