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About Toram Online

Developer Comments

Toram Online is a Free to Play Full 3D MMORPG.
You can freely customize your characters, weapons, armors and skills in this game.
Players will explore the mysterious world that was once split apart by the cataclysm and find the secrets of the world.
Create your own characters and go on an adventure with your friends all over the world!

Developer Comments

Customize Your Characters!

■What's Your Play Style?
There are no "Classes" in Toram Online, so you can equip any weapons and armors you like.
Also, you can acquire different types of skills according to the purpose.
For example, you can create a character that can cast magic skills when you equip a sword, and
create a character specialized in creating items.
There is no rule for customizing your characters!

■Dress Up Your Characters!
There are a lot of equipment and avatar items to dress up your characters.
You can get equipment from monsters or create at blacksmiths'. In "Orb Shop", you may win avatar items by opening "Treasure Chests".
Make your best dress combination with equipment and avatar items!

There are more than 500 billion patterns for character creation.Be an original adventurer!


Hundreds of years ago, a cataclysm occurred and split apart the earth...
The 12 gods joined the earth in haste, however, the landscapes of the world has totally changed.
After the nations were destroyed by the cataclysm, the four tribes formed four groups across cultural and racial backgrounds.
One day, an adventurer “You”, who have unique characteristics, came to this world. You will communicate with people in each group, go through various adventurers, and fight against the unknown existence growing behind the scenes...

Game Summary

Title Toram Online
Price Free to Play
Compatible devices Android 4.3 or higher, iOS 8.0 or higher
*Viewable on PC and Smartphone
Official Website
*Viewable on PC and Smartphone
App Download URL GooglePlay:
Official Social Media Twitter:
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