METRIA / Promotional Movie


A Classic Fantasy Journey Across 9 Countries with Unique Characters

This game tells an epic story of the journey across 9 countries.
You will be controlling unique characters including the apprentice knight "Rio Calquinos", the demi-human girl "Aru", the Astra knight "Lucas Nizam", and etc. to explore "Ronatis", the continent where the story takes place. You will have to defeat formidable enemies that get in your way and aim to discover the truth about the world.


You woke up to find yourself standing on an unknown land.
Through various meetings and farewells,you will find the hidden truth of this world.


Fun Battle with a Team of 3! It Gets More Exciting with Flashy Effects and Animatios!

The occasional battles during the story are real-time action battles fought with a team of 3.
Experience speedy combats while using various actions such as dodge, jump, and skills.
Each character possesses powerful unique skills (special moves) with flashy animations that add more excitement to the battle!

Felling, Mining, and Many More to Explore!

There are many activities you can do such as felling trees, mining ores, fishing, picking plants, and many more things that make you wanna stop by and explore!
You can create various items and gear by taking the materials you have collected to the base.

Game Summary

Genre An 3D Action RPG where hope and sin collide.
Price Free to Play
Compatible devices Android/iOS
Official Website
*Viewable on PC and Smartphone
Download URL GooglePlay: