• 2024/07/11 12:39
  • Asobimo, Inc.
  • President Katsunori Kondo

Get Ready to Cheer at the New Event “That’s An Idol!?”

The cross-platform MMORPG "Alchemia Story" announces a new event, "That's an Idol!" Players who join the event will have a chance to get avatars and an emote for waving your towel to enjoy the atmosphere of the music festival style event.

■The “That’s An Idol!?” event is here!

At the "That's An Idol?!" event, players defeat mamonos on the event map to collect limited event-only items. By clearing certain missions pertaining to the event quest, players can also get cool items like "Fest T Set W" and "Em: Towel Spinning".

▲This event’s key rewards are "Fest T Set W" and "Em: Towel Spinning".

▲Limited edition furniture for the event is also available!


Richard needs the explorers' help and has asked them to come to the concert venue.

It seems that Richard had renovated the venue for an event that he was planning to hold.

However, a group of mamonos appeared and tried to sabotage the event preparations.

Right when Richard asks the explorers to deal with those mamonos, the group appears and starts destroying the venue.

The explorers set out to stop them.

Will Richard be able to hold the event safely?!

Event period: Until August 7, 2024 (Wed) at 13:59 JST/GMT+9

■“Rank 3 Job Support Campaign” on now!

There is currently an ongoing campaign in support of Rank 3 Jobs.

During the campaign, the drop item roll chance for Area Bosses is doubled, making it easier to collect materials for Akashic Weapons.

Area Bosses







Availablity period: Until July 31, 2024 (Wed) at 13:59 JST/GMT+9

■Game Introduction

“Alchemia Story" is a MMORPG that combines the traditional Japanese RPG with online elements. In the character creation, you can customize your character from the overall style to the smallest details, such as the shade of the hair. The game also features the "YOME" function, which allows players to have a partner character to support them in their adventures. It is a full-fledged RPG where you can enjoy the world of alchemy, the lively Mamono and other characters, the intense command battles, and the story together with "YOME".

■Game Details

  • Title: Alchemia Story
  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Price: Free to play (Some in-app purchases)
  • Platform: Android/iOS/Steam/PC