• 2024/06/27 18:16
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  • President: Katsunori Kondo

Dark dragon awaits on the top floor of the new map “Dark Castle”! Episode 6: New mission “Hero and the demon god” released

The smartphone MMORPG “Iruna Online” has released Episode 6's new mission “Hero and the demon god”.

■New Mission “Hero and the demon god”!

The new mission 'The Hero and the Demon God' in Episode 6 presents an original story in the newly added map “Dark Castle”.

<New Map: Dark Castle>


In the Dark Castle, new monsters will appear, and on the top floor, the new boss “Dark Dragon Finstern” awaits.

New Boss:Dark Dragon Finstern

If you successfully defeat the Dark Dragon Finstern, you have a chance to obtain the new item “Adventus” or the Al Crysta “▲Finstern”.

■Game Summary

  • Title:Iruna Online -The Girl Behind the Legend-
  • Genre: MMO“J”RPG
  • Price:Free to play
  • Supported OS: Android/iOS