• 2024/06/20 12:41

A New Character Who Lives For Studies & Experiments! [Nomad Scholar] Melchior Arrives!

Metria, the 3D action RPG where hope and sin collide, has introduced the all-new character "Melchior" to the pickup gacha.

In addition to the arrival of Melchior, new features also include the new SSR Tarot "Lost in Thought" and the new Infinite Dungeon installment, "Infinite Raging Stream".

Melchior features a skill that drives the enemy into a break. He also inflicts powerful damage on the enemies who have been driven to break, thereby defeating them.

You can choose your skills according to the battle situation, whether you want to shave off more break gauge or inflict powerful damage on the enemy.

■The New SSR Tarot "Lost in Thought" is Here!

The new SSR Tarot "Lost in Thought" has arrived to the pickup gacha, featuring an illustration of Melchior.

Equipping “Lost in Thought” increases basic abilities such as HP, attack power, and earth element, as well as Tarot abilities, which improves damage and critical rate against enemies under break for earth and light element characters.

■Max 1 Purchase per Account! Melchior's Release Celebration Pack!

Purchasing Melchior's Release Celebration Pack will give you the coin that can be exchanged for [Nomad Scholar] Melchior, as well as materials to release an earth element character up to lvl 90.

▼Obtainable Items

・[Nomad Scholar] Melchior's Coin

・Words of Truth x41

・Earth Magic Stone x29

・Earth Magic Crystal x25

・Compressed Earth Magic Stone x16

・Condensed Earth Stone x4

・Monster Crystal Lv.1 x3

・Monster Crystal Lv.2 x5

・Monster Crystal Lv.3 x10

・Monster Crystal Lv.4 x10

Available for Purchase: Until July 2, 2024 (Thur) at 13:59 JST/GMT+9

■ Infinite Dungeon: "Infinite Raging Stream" is here!

The Infinite Dungeon, "Infinite Raging Stream", has been added to the 2F: Chamber of Trials in Transcendent Alagoon.

"Infinite Raging Stream" is a new dungeon featuring many water element-based monsters. The items dropped by the monsters on each floor can be collected and exchanged for the new "Infinite Torrent Crown" and "Infinite Raging Stream Crown" equipment.

[What is the Infinite Dungeon?]

The Infinite Dungeon is a new feature in which players aim to reach the depths of the dungeon by defeating all enemies on the floor within a time limit. You can challenge it solo or in multiplayer mode with up to 4 players.

■The Melchior icon has been added to the Fan Kit page!

We have updated the Fan Kit on our official website and added new Melchior icon for you to use on SNS.

Download it here:https://en-test.metria.jp/outline/fankit_icon/