• 2024/06/14 17:29
  • Asobimo, Inc.
  • President: Katsunori Kondo

The June Bride Event Begins! Party Together and Enjoy the Event!

The cross-platform MMORPG "Toram Online" is holding the "June Bride" event, in which players can gain benefits by forming a party of two or more characters.

■Get more experience by joining parties! The June Bride event is here.

The "June Bride Event" is a limited-time event that offers various benefits when a party of two players or more is formed. During the event period, a buff bonus of "Experience Gain +20%" will be granted when players join a party, regardless of the gender of the player characters.

In addition, when a player defeats a boss monster during the event period, an event-specific treasure box will be dropped according to the gender of the player character. Male/neutral A characters will receive a "Groom Box" and female characters/neutral B will receive a "Bride Box" with different contents and will be able to obtain various items such as the "Antele Crown" and "Antele Tiara" at random.

In addition, players can get items such as "Tuxedo (Body Equipment)" and "Wedding Dress (Body Equipment)," which are associated with the June wedding theme, as well as items that can be used as materials for the "Wedding Cake" and "Wedding Table," which are furniture for your land.

Don't miss out on this chance to get this cool and elegant equipment!

▲Antele Crown

▲Antele Tiara

Event Period: Until July 5, 2024 (Fri) at 5:00 JST/GMT+9

■About the Game

"Toram Online" is a classic MMORPG that allows players immense freedom in elements such as character creation, equipment customization, skill acquisition, and more. By discarding the traditional RPG concept of "classes", players can grow and evolve their characters however they like while searching for hidden secrets in a mysterious world once torn apart by catastrophe and reformed. Experience the rush of intense battle in real time with people from all over the world.

■Game Summary

  • Title: Toram Online
  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Price: Free to Play
  • Supported OS: iOS/Android/PC