• 2024/06/14 12:53

Can This Wedding Go On Without a Hitch?! The New Event “Marriage Festival!” is Here!

Alchemia Story, the cross-platform MMORPG, has announced an all-new event "Marriage Festival."

■The New Event " Marriage Festival! ~Part 1~" is Here!

In this new event, adventurers will struggle to hold a large-scale wedding "Marriage Festival."

During the event period, players can collect event items dropped by particular mamono monsters to exchange them for new avatars such as Pink Party clothes and a Silver Tiara.

▲The special rewards for this event are Pink Party clothes and Silver Tiara.


June - the most popular time of the year for weddings.
However, so many couples wanted to get married that there were not enough churches to hold the ceremonies.
In order to overcome the situation, the church plans a large-scale wedding “Marriage Festival".
As a venue for the festival, the church decided to use a luxury cruise ship that had been used for weddings in the past.
The explorers explained the situation to Bocar and he promised to lend the ship.
However, the ship had not been used since the wedding last time, so they went to check if it was ready for use...

Will the "Marriage Festival" be able to start?!

Event Period: Until July 10, 2024 (Wed) at 13:59 JST/GMT+9

■Game Introduction

“Alchemia Story" is a MMORPG that combines the traditional Japanese RPG with online elements. In the character creation, you can customize your character from the overall style to the smallest details, such as the shade of the hair. The game also features the "YOME" function, which allows players to have a partner character to support them in their adventures. It is a full-fledged RPG where you can enjoy the world of alchemy, the lively Mamono and other characters, the intense command battles, and the story together with "YOME".

■Game Details

  • Title: Alchemia Story
  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Price: Free to play (Some in-app purchases)
  • Platform: Android/iOS/Steam/PC