• 2024/06/12 13:37

Try Out All-New Characters! The SSR Character Trial Function Is Here!

Metria, the 3D action RPG where hope and sin collide, has implemented a feature that allows players to try out SSR characters in the pickup gacha before actually obtaining them.

The new event dungeon "Giganti" and a new tarot have also been added.

■New function that allows users to try out SSR characters in advance!

A new feature has been implemented that allows players to try out SSR characters from the Pickup Character Gacha in a trial stage. Upon clearing the trial stage, you will receive 300 Star Stones for the first time only.

Players can now try out the new character [Meteorite] Lunaria, which is currently available, so why not take this opportunity to try it out?

Currently Available at the Pickup Gacha

[Meteorite] Lunaria is a new earth element SSR character that can unleash a variety of attacks, such as dropping meteorites from above the enemy or causing rock spikes to appear.

Most of her skills can shave off a lot of the enemy's break gauge, making her an easy character to use in battles against strong enemies.

■New event "Giganti" added!

The new event dungeon "Giganti" features the water-based boss, "Giganti." If you succeed in defeating the boss, you can obtain the items “Snow King Kong Long Hair” and “Snow King Kong Hard Skin."

Items obtained can be brought to the exchange and exchanged for various items, including the new "Snow King Kong Ring" equipment and Star Stones.

Giganti can be challenged from the second floor of Transcendent Alagoon room. Players who are confident in their skills are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity.

■New SSR Tarot: "The Witch's Room" Available!

A new SSR tarot, "The Witch's Room," featuring an illustration of Lunaria, is now available in the pickup gacha.

Equipping "The Witch's Room" increases basic abilities such as HP, attack power, and earth element, as well as tarot performance, skill damage for earth, wind, and dark element characters, and the character's weak element damage multiplier.