• 2024/05/23 18:29

In A Field of Snow, A New Story Begins! Story Chapter 2 “Proof of Strength”

The 3D action RPG "Metria," where hope and sin collide, has released the second chapter of its main storyline, "Proof of Strength."

In this release, we'll take a look back at the first chapter while introducing the synopsis of the newly added chapter and the "Infinite Dungeon: Infinite Grand Flame."

■Looking Back on Chapter 1 of "Metria"!

The story begins in the heart of the continent "Ronatis," which consists of nine countries, in the "Solerian, the Royal Capital of Dawn."

Our hero, Rio, who has just turned 15, is about to join the "The Order of Astra."

On the day of the induction ceremony, Solerian is attacked by a group of monsters and demi-humans claiming to be the "Kelenes Empire."

Concerned for the safety of King Regulus and Princess Loara, Rio rushes to the castle only to find Regulus and Loara face the swords of the Knights of the Astra Order...

In order to save Loara, Rio confronts The Order of Astra, but he is powerless against their mighty power and finds himself in mortal danger.

At that moment, Rio is saved by the sudden appearance of a magic circle.

...Rio comes to his senses in an unfamiliar land.

In order to save the fallen royal city, Rio and his friends set out for Solerian.

[Chapter 1 Characters]

Rio Calquinos

Lunaria Shauzer

Lucas Nizam


Begius Shauzer


A scenario archive of the first chapter is available on our YouTube channel. If you would like to review the story before playing the second chapter, check it out.

METRIA's Main Story [Section 1 (Part 1)]

■New Story: Chapter 2 "Proof of Strength" Begins!

New Story Chapter 2, Section 1 (Part 1) “The White Tundra, Tisturn” is now available. In this new story segment, players will enter the new map “Tisturn Snowfield."


You enter the snowy mountain region of Tisturn through a checkpoint on the Riklet Road.

As you head for the Tisturn Snowfield, you meet a soldier of a search party confronting a monster and helped them with their mission.

■"Infinite Dungeon: Infinite Grand Flame" is here!

The Infinite Dungeon, “Infinite Grand Flame”, has been added to the 2F: Chamber of Trials in Transcendent Alagoon.

The “Infinite Grand Flame” is a new dungeon featuring many fire monsters. If you collect certain items dropped by monsters on each floor and bring them to the item exchange, you can exchange them for awesome new equipment.

Availability Period: Until maintenance on June 11, 2024 (Tues)

[What is the Infinite Dungeon?]

The Infinite Dungeon is a new feature in which players aim to reach the depths of the dungeon by defeating all enemies on the floor within a time limit. You can challenge it solo or in multiplayer mode with up to 4 players.