• 2017/07/11 14:03
  • ASOBIMO,Inc.
  • President: Katsunori Kondo

Full-Scale MMORPG Played by Over 8 Million Players “Iruna Online” 3 Big Campaigns for Sparkling Summer!

Tokyo, Japan, ASOBIMO Inc. (Location: Tokyo, Japan President: Katsunori Kondo) has started “Summer Campaigns” for Full-Scale MMORPG for smartphones: “Iruna Online”. The campaigns are available for anyone who plays the game. The app is free to play, so please download the app from Google Play or App Store.

“Iruna Online” is a free-to-play full-scale 3D online role playing game played by more than 8 million players. You can enjoy breathtaking battles and exploring the vast world with 3D graphic, co-op play with the players all over the world and real-time communication.

Now you can enjoy Summer Campaigns in the game! Log in the game during the campaign period and gain 3 big effects: Drop Rates Boost, EXP Boost and Quest EXP Boost!

Moreover, you can form a guild with special price and cost only during the campaign period. Let’s go on an adventure with your guild mates!

Campaign Period: July 11th, 2017 - July 25th before the maintenance

【Sumer Campaigns Overview】

◇3 Big Bonus Campaigns

Log in during the campaign period and get the following special buffs!

・Drop Rate +50% Boost

・EXP +50% Boost

・Quest EXP +50% Boost

◇Guild Creation Campaign

During the campaign period, the items and Spina(the currency in the world of Iruna Online) to form a guild are free! You can form a guild with a character of Lv30 or more by talking to NPC: “Neints” in Rokoko City.

▲Form a guild and let’s go on an adventure with your friends!


【Introduction of Iruna Online】

【Official Website】

https://iruna-online.com/index *Available from PC and smartphones.

【Game Summary】

  • Title:Iruna Online
  • Genre:MMORPG
  • Campaign: From July 11th, 2017 (Summer Campaigns)
  • Price:Free to Play
  • Compatibility: Android 2.3 or higher, iOS 6.0 or higher