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Developer Comments

GATE OF REBELLION features the immerse world of diverse races with the utmost smartphone graphics, a classic MMORPG.
The refined fields with a variety of monsters, species, classes, and skills, all await you with 10 thousand avatar combinations in customizing your characters.
The endless adventure begins, in the ancient lands of "Ares"...

Developer Comments

About the Game

"Ares", the land created by the gods were bestowed protection and order, giving peaceful lives to all people.
God then discovers another world of great magical powers, they create the <GATE>, the path that leads to the place...
The infinite magical powers caused disrupt in the gods order, the world soon reached chaos.
Gods insanity dreaded the people to escape, calling blood, the lands destroyed.
Only "Pandora", the goddess of fate struggled to join the wars of the gods. Fate always lies on her, her words are the truth, good or bad. She had no other choice but make the fortell "Despair" to the world.
Her words of prophesy eased the deeply wounded gods to recover their sanity, thus sending themselves to the abyss of darkness to heal their scars.
The fall of the gods gave energy to the people in rebuilding the land back from past calamities.
Years and months passed, the story now became told as the hero legends like all other tales.
The story then fades away from people's minds, later remembered as a fable. The town "Anfang" close to the ruined <GATE> was now the junction for various races to gather; it was the "Town of Hope".
The town has "Hope", a chance for all beings to prosper.
Now, recognized to adventurers as the town of "Luck",
the town awaits an adventurer...

Infinite possibilities in the Non-Targeting Combat System

Freedom to battles with the "Non-Targeting Combat System".Melee and long-range, choose from various classes to help your friends and break through the wall. Anything is possible - fight at will.

Game Summary

Price Free to Play
Compatible devices Android、iOS
Official Website
*Japanese only
*Viewable on PC and Smartphone