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About Stellacept Online

Developer Comments

The next generation RPG using the features of smartphones with the exciting new battle system, high quality 3D graphics, and other systems to expand various play styles.
Stellacept Online features cooperative play and chatting just as in PC online RPGs.

Developer Comments

The epic story

Tarazed... A mysterious power that spreads throughout the universe. It devours stars and civilization... And now seeks planet earth. And yet, humans have managed to escape to the edge of the galaxy.

An undeveloped star system called... Sadalsuud. So far away, it has been a place that never has been explored. But now, the pioneers have found new life in the great nature world. The humans had made a new home and thought to found happiness...

However, Tarazed still seeks to destroy what's left in this universe. But a new hope arises. The discovery of "Stella". Stella... a small breath of hope in darkness... It is the last light that shines upon us.


Stella Shop

Useful items are on sale. These include items that will help you in battles or let you have a more comfortable adventure.

Stella Shop

Main system "Quest"

The Quest is the main system that will effect greatly on your future adventure. Players will finish quests meeting their conditions while meeting various characters that will effect the players in their adventure.

Choose your battle style!!

Choose from 3 types of battle styles with exclusive skills for each in "Stellacept Online". Your original play style will be created upon the chosen style.

Blade Style
A style of two swords. This style is cut out for short-range combat. You can make enemies stunned and fallen down.

Blade Style

Blaster Style
A style of two guns
A long-range combat best for combo and critical hits.

Blaster Style

Sphere Style
A style of two spheres
In this style, you will fight in mid-range combat. You can use wide range skills and support skills.

Sphere Style

Game Summary

Title Stellacept Online - Starlight Recollection
Price Free to Play
Compatible devices Android/iOS
Official Website
*Viewable on PC and Smartphone
App Download URL GooglePlay:
Official Social Media Facebook Page: