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Developer Comments

"Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak" is a huge MMORPG developed with renowned Japanese artists and creators, including Yoshitaka Amano for character design, LUNA SEA for the theme song, and MONACA for game sound.
You will be able to enjoy the world's highest level of 3D graphics, an epic story with unique characters, a field with the concept of time that changes day and night with weather conditions and expressive landscapes that change periodically, as well as a variety of GvG and PvP contents.

"Siege" where up to 200 players can fight simultaneously!

Large-scale battle of Legion (Guild) vs. Legion
There are many gimmicks on the field, such as "siege weapons" and "oil pots".
Players can enjoy a variety of strategies to compete for the ""throne"" of the castle in a high-intense online battle.

Adventure in a vast world with beautiful graphics!

The concept of time exists in the world with beautifully detailed graphics, and the field scenery changes periodically.
Experience the realistic feeling of adventuring on your own feet in a vast world where the weather changes from day to night.

"Attributes" where you can change the role of a job

There are three types of ""attributes"" for each job (occupation) that can be selected when creating your character.
Each attributes has its own specialty, such as attacker, shield, or healer, and can be changed according to party members and the situation of the enemy.

"Matching Dungeons" where it's easy to join

Challenge dungeons where powerful enemies and bosses await you with your dependable party members.
There is also a matching function that allows players who wish to participate to form a party, so that they can challenge the dungeon from any location and at any time.

Battle in the arena, on the battlefield, and in the field

The "arena" and "battlefield" allow players to battle each other, with up to four players in the "arena" and up to 30 players in the "battlefield. You can even fight on the field! Compete with other players solo, in teams, or with legions.


The "Holy Nation of Nordania" is a religious nation of the human race located in the southern part of the continent of Noxia. This nation is now facing many problems. Especially, the tension between the "Horde Federation" has risen to the point where war could break out at any moment.

"Horde" is a union of various races. They were the first inhabitants of the Deeland region, and have fought many times over the territory with the humans that have moved into the region. As a result, Nordania and the Horde have a history of conflict. A truce had been signed between the two sides after the last war 16 years ago, but now it is only a matter of time before the war resumes.

In the midst of all this, there are those who will take up arms and stand up to defend Nordania.
That's right, you are now one step closer to your long journey as a warrior fighting for your nation..

Game Summary

Title Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak
Price Free to Play
Compatible devices PS5® / PS4®
Official Website
Download URL -
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