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About Alchemia Story

Developer Comments

Alchemia Story is new era of MMORPG, compining the elements of online play and old-school style Japanese RPGs.
This game allows players to create fully customizable characters, all the way down to age and appearance. It also features the innovative “YOME” system that gives players the opportunity to create a specialized support character just for you.
An RPG set in a world painted by magic and the logical powers of alchemy, where players set out on a journey full of vivid, lively characters and monsters, with a command battle system that demonstrates real power and a story full of happy endings.

Developer Comments

A YOME (Partner) to Support You

"YOME" stands for "Your Own Meet Everyday", this is the game function that will meet you and help you out along your journey. Your YOME is there to help you out in various situations such as guiding you where to go next, battle support, item synthesis, and more.

Developer Comments

Top Scale Character Creation for Smartphone

This game provides a top class tool for character customization.
Players can select details from height, weight, chest size, ages, and face contour, all the way down to the position of the eyes, nose, and mouth on the face.
Make your characters shine with originality!

Intense Real-Time Command Battle

Fight using an array of skills with vivid, striking effects. Enjoy cinematic camera angles in command battles that will leave you excited for more.

The World of Alchemia Story

It's the eve of the Industrial Revolution.
While 'Alchemy' is constantly improving people's way of life, 'Maous' and 'Monsters', creatures that have been given souls, roam the world, frightening people with their 'magic'.
In an era where eradicating magic is regarded as the righteous way of life for young people, a hero will set out on a journey.
A journey to discover what is righteousness and their own place in the world.

Game Summary

Title Alchemia Story
Price Free to Play
Supported OS Android/iOS/PC
*Accessible from PCs and Smartphones
Official Website
*Accessible from PCs and Smartphones
App Download URL Google Play: