• 2024/05/16 14:06
  • Asobimo, Inc.
  • President: Katsunori Kondo

May 30th is the 6th Anniversary of Alchemia Story! Here Are 7 Campaigns to Celebrate!

Cross-platform MMORPG "Alchemia Story" announces it will celebrate its 6th anniversary on Thursday, May 30, 2024. To celebrate this momentous occasion, players can join in on up to seven different celebratory campaigns.

In addition, players can join in on a new event, "Money Hungry Monster ~Part 1~". Come join the celebration of 6 years of Alchemia Story!

■6th Anniversary Login Bonus (Part 1)

During the event period, players can get various cool items once a day just by logging into the game. Items even include Gems, which are useful at the Shop.

Bonus Period: Until May 29, 2024 (Wed) at 23:59 JST/GMT+9

■6th Anniversary! Once a Day Free 10x Gacha!

During the period, you can draw a free 10x gacha once a day. In addition, on May 30, the day of the 6th anniversary, you will have a big chance to draw a 10x gacha 10x for a total of 100 draws!

Campaign Period: Until June 20, 2024 (Thur) at 15:00 JST/GMT+9

■6th Anniversary Panel Mission!

Players can earn various rewards by completing missions in the game.

Availability Period: Until July 3, 2024 (Wed) at 15:00 JST/GMT+9

■Get Ready For the 6th Anniversary Fan Art Contest!

To celebrate the 6th Anniversary of Alchemia Story, players can join a special Fan Art Contest. One "Grand Winner" and "Honorable Mention" will be selected in each of the three categories: Illustration, Screenshot, and Craft.

The winning works will even be implemented as furniture items in the game.

[Submission Requirements]

Submissions will be selected from X (formerly Twitter).

Please post your entries with an account that meets the following conditions.

  1. [1] The account is not set to private
  2. [2] The account is following the official Alchemia Story X (@alchemiastory)



Post a clear photo of your digital or analog drawing with the hashtags: #AlchemiaFanArt #Illustration
*We do not accept AI-generated pictures and pictures that infringe on the rights of other companies.


Post your screenshots taken in the game with the hashtags #AlchemiaFanArt #Screenshot
*We do not accept screenshots that are taken by using malfunctions or screenshots that include items from past collaboration events with other companies.


Post photos of handmade items, objects, food, etc. with the hashtags #AlchemiaFanArt #Craft
*We do not accept pictures with items that infringe on the rights of other companies.

Contest Deadline: Until July 3, 2024 (Wed) at 15:00 JST/GMT+9

■Comeback Campaign!

Players returning to log in to Alchemia Story during the campaign period will receive useful items for their adventures according to the number of days they have not logged in.

Campaign Period: June 20, 2024 (Thur) at 23:59 JST/GMT+9

■Bond Introduction Contest!

Submit your bond name, a photo, and a short introduction during the contest period along with the hashtag #AlchemiaBondContest. The winning Bond will be introduced in the announcement. Please think of a PR sentence (within 120 characters) that will make people want to join the Bond and post it on X.

* The winning Bond's name and introduction will be posted in the game, which is why the character number is limited. Also, please don't use special characters/emojis.

* If the management team deems your entry inappropriate, you maybe disqualified.

* Number of winning Bonds: 3 Bonds (per language)

* The winning bonds will be announced on the BeMMO Chan livestream (Youtube) at a later date.

Contest Deadline: June 14, 2024 (Fri) at 23:59 JST/GMT+9

[Benefits for winner Bonds]

The Bond introduction submitted by winners will be posted in the game Announcements bar for 5 minutes over 3 days.

└①: 6/21 (Fri): 19:00~19:05, 19:05~19:10, 19:10~19:15

└②: 6/22 (Sat): 19:00~19:05, 19:05~19:10, 19:10~19:15

└③: 6/23 (Sun): 19:00~19:05, 19:05~19:10, 19:10~19:15

*All times are in Japan Standard Time (JST)/GMT+9.

■New Event: Money Hungry Monster~Part 1~

Money Hungry Monster ~Part 1~ is a new event in which players struggle to solve the problems of Rabbin, a mamono who came from another world in search of help.

During the event period, collecting event items dropped by the target monsters will allow you to exchange them for new avatars such as the Smooth Golden Suit and the Fortune Fan.

The explorers meet Rabbin, a Mamono from another world, by chance.
He has come to this world to look for help.
The group heads to Rabbin's house to hear more details, however, on the way they are discovered by a Mamono named Zellmi, who collects taxes from them.
And that was the problem Rabbin needed help with...
Can Rabbin break free from the money-hungry monster's rule?!

Event Period: June 12, 2024 (Wed) at 13:59 JST/GMT+9

■Game Introduction

“Alchemia Story" is a MMORPG that combines the traditional Japanese RPG with online elements. In the character creation, you can customize your character from the overall style to the smallest details, such as the shade of the hair. The game also features the "YOME" function, which allows players to have a partner character to support them in their adventures. It is a full-fledged RPG where you can enjoy the world of alchemy, the lively Mamono and other characters, the intense command battles, and the story together with "YOME".

■Game Details

  • Title: Alchemia Story
  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Price: Free to play (Some in-app purchases)
  • Platform: Android/iOS/Steam/PC