• Asobimo, Inc.
  • President: Katsunori Kondo

The 3D action RPG "Metria" will celebrate half a year since the start of its official service on May 7. The game invites you to join in on the "Half Anniversary Campaign Part 1" to celebrate the occasion.


■Celebration CP No.1: [Limited] 3,000 Star Stones as a gift!

In honor of the half-anniversary, we will give away 3,000 Star Stones to players after May 7 (Tue).


■Celebration CP No.1: Half-Anniversary Login Bonus!

Log in to the game during the period to receive various items such as up to 1,100 Star Stones and Tickets of Revival.

Event Period: Until May 6, 2024 (Mon) by 23:59 JST/GMT+9

■Celebration CP No.3: New Event Dungeon "Superfluous Celebration"!

In the new event dungeon "Superfluous Celebration," players will face a serious challenge against the bosses "Ursa" and "Shroomlight," who fight with the element of wind. Players must face this challenge and defeat them to get special ticket items related to the event.


The items obtained can be brought to the exchange and exchanged for various items, such as the "Starlight Tarot," which can raise the awakening level of the SSR Tarot by one level, and the new "Half Blade" equipment.

Event Period: Until maintenance on May 14, 2024 (Tue)

■Celebration CP No.4: EXP+100% & Drop Rate+50% Up Campaign!

This is a limited time only campaign where players receive a +100% boost in EXP and +50% boost in drop rate, just by logging in.

Event Period: Until maintenance on May 8, 2024 (Wed)  

■Celebration CP No.5: Guaranteed SSR Fire, Wind, or Light Element Character Gacha!

This is a special gacha that guarantees one SSR character of either the fire, wind or light element.

Players will get 1 SSR character on the 11th roll of a "Roll 11", from [Holy Night Goddess] Shash to other fire, wind and light element characters.


In addition, various other contents are now available in celebration of the half-anniversary, including new products now available in the store, sub-quests, and a new SSR tarot. Take this opportunity to dive into the world of Metria.


■Metria: A 3D Action RPG where hope and sin collide

This work features an epic story that takes the player through nine different countries.

You will be controlling unique characters including the apprentice knight "Rio Calquinos", the demi-human girl "Aru", the Astra knight "Lucas Nizam", and etc. to explore "Ronatis", the continent where the story takes place. You will have to defeat formidable enemies that get in your way and aim to discover the truth about the world.