Golden Week 2024

Shiny Golden Weapon for Beginning Players!

New Difficulty Added to Hanami Event “The Guy Behind the Blooming Sakura” Boss!


Asobimo Inc. is pleased to announce the start of the "Golden Week Event 2024" in its cross-platform MMORPG, Toram Online. This event features limited-time quests where players can battle against golden bosses, Limited Emblems that users can claim to get items exchangeable for avatar tickets (avatar gacha tickets), and the unveiling of GW-exclusive equipment themed around Children's Day. Additionally, newcomers joining the game during this period will receive a shiny, exclusive golden weapon as a special gift.

A new difficulty level, "Very Hard" (for Lv280), has also been added to the battle against the boss "Breeta" in Chapter 9 of the Hanami Event limited quest, "The Guy Behind the Blooming Sakura." Defeating the boss at this new difficulty level offers a chance to obtain the 'Breeta Mask,' a mask resembling the human face of boss "Breeta".


■Limited Time Only Quests: “The Golden Challenge”

In celebration of the Golden Week in Japan, the limited-time quest "The Golden Challenge," where players can battle against golden bosses, has appeared. Defeat the event-exclusive bosses "Golden Iconos," "The Toad of Happiness," and "Goldigem" to obtain "Star Gem Shards." These shards can be used to craft special items called "Star Gems," which allow you to obtain skills without consuming skill points.

Additionally, in order to challenge this quest, you will need 10 Golden Apples, which are obtainable from the limited time only monster "Golden Coryn." The Golden Coryn also drops colored equipment that can be used for dying other weapons and equipment.

*Star Gem Shards are not delivered immediately. They will be sent at a later date.

▲Golden Challenge Boss “Goldigem”

Event Period:Until maintenance on May 5, 2024 (Thur)

■Get a Shiny Gold Weapon from the New Player Campaign!

During the campaign period, players who download Toram Online for the first time and create a character will receive shiny golden weapons: the Golden Katana, Golden Greatsword, Golden Lance, and Golden Fake Greatsword as gifts. Enjoy your adventures with this flashy equipment right from the beginning of the game.

Additionally, we've released a "Play Guide" tailored for newcomers and those starting Toram Online. It includes various guides such as character creation and leveling up in the early stages of the game. If you're planning to start playing, be sure to make use of it.

▲Golden Greatsword

▲Golden Lance

Event Period: Until maintenance on May 9, 2024 (Thur)  

Toram Online Game Guide:

■Get Avatar Tickets! Golden Week Daily Emblems!

During the Golden Week period in Japan, special emblems will be available daily, offering rewards such as "Ticket Pieces," which can be exchanged for Avatar Tickets (tickets for avatar gacha) and other useful items for your journey.

Emblem Condition Reward
Golden Hunt Bonus Defeated 100 monsters. Revive Droplet×1
Golden Play Bonus Played more than 2 hours in total today. Teleport Ticket×3
Golden Return Bonus Use Teleport Ticket. Ticket Piece×40
  Event Period: Until maintenance on May 9, 2024 (Thur)

■Special Recipes for Children's Day Items

May 5th is Children's Day in Japan! During the event, limited-edition crafting recipes for two types of equipment, the "Origami Kabuto" and the "Carp Streamer Hat," based on items specific to Children's Day, will be available for production. Equipping the "Origami Kabuto" during the event will increase experience gained by 10%, while equipping the "Carp Streamer Hat" will increase item drop rates by 10%.

▲Origami Kabuto

▲Carp Streamer Hat

Event Period: Until maintenance on May 16, 2024 (Thur)  

■Chance to Level Up! Buff Bonus Campaign!

During the following period, EXP +40% and Item Drop Rates +20% will be applied.

Event Period: Until maintenance on May 9, 2024 (Thur)

■New difficulty level added to Hanami event “The Guy Behind the Blooming Sakura”

A new difficulty level, “Very Hard (for Lv 280),” has been added to the battle with the boss “Breeta” in the limited Hanami event quest Chapter 9, “The Guy Behind the Blooming Sakura”. Defeating the new difficulty boss “Breeta” after meeting the requirements will give you a chance to win items needed for new equipment recipes and new equipment.

In addition, new furniture for decorating your Land has been added, which can be produced with materials obtained from the Hanami Event Chapter 9, “The Guy Behind the Blooming Sakura."

  <New Equipment> 〇New Boss Drops ・Breeta Mask (Additional/Boss Drop)

▲Breeta Mask

  〇New Recipes
  • Sakura Kimono VII (Additional/Recipe)
  • Spring Day Hat (Additional/Recipe)
  • Spring Day Headdress (Additional/Recipe)

▲Sakura Kimono VII

▲Spring Day Hat

▲Spring Day Headdress

<Limited Furniture>
  • ■Items
  • Red Floor Chochin
  • Red Chochin
  • Sakura Day Pillar
  • ...and more!

▲Inside furniture

  • ■Inside
  • Hanami Dango
  • Day Sakura Guardian Cat Statue
  • Sakuramochi
  • ...and more!

▲For the garden

  Event Period: Until maintenance on May 9, 2024 (Thur) Event Recipe Availability Period: Until maintenance on May 16, 2024 (Thur)  

■About the Game

"Toram Online" is a classic MMORPG that allows players immense freedom in elements such as character creation, equipment customization, skill acquisition, and more. By discarding the traditional RPG concept of "classes", players can grow and evolve their characters however they like while searching for hidden secrets in a mysterious world once torn apart by catastrophe and reformed. Experience the rush of intense battle in real time with people from all over the world.

■Game Summary

  • Title: Toram Online
  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Price: Free to Play
  • Supported OS: iOS/Android/PC