• 2024/04/11 19:02
  • Asobimo, Inc.
  • President: Katsunori Kondo

Alchemia Story: New Event “Other World Mamono Market ~ Part 1 ~”

The MMORPG “Alchemia Story” has launched a new event, “Other World Mamono Market ~ Part 1 ~”. In this event, players collect exchangeable items used in a market opened by mamono monsters and aim to get exclusive items such as the original avatar “Clay Body”.

■New Event “Other World Mamono Market ~ Part 1 ~”

The “Other World Mamono Market ~ Part 1 ~” is a new event where you accept a request from the New Rich Orc and collect items necessary for a market opened by mamonos. This event features exclusive items, such as the Clay Body and treasure chests. Players can collect event items dropped by certain mamonos to exchange, and some accessories can be obtained with a certain probability by defeating certain mamonos.

▲The special rewards this time is Clay Body and treasure chests!


At the request of New Rich Ork, a collector of rare items, the explorers arrive at a mamono market. Apparently, a lot of items are bartered there. The New Rich Ork also has come to the market with plenty of goods to trade, but there were more interesting items than he expected. And so, he needs more goods to barter and asks for the explorers' help. However, the method was quite unexpected... Will the explorers be able to fulfill his request?

The event period is until 13:59 on May 15, 2024.

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■Game Summary

  • Title:Alchemia Story
  • Genre: MMO“J”RPG
  • Price:Free to play
  • Supported OS: Android4.0.3 and later, iOS8.0 and later
  • *Some devices are not compatible/supported.

  • Official Website (English): https://en.alchemiastory.jp/
  • Official Website (Korean): https://kr.alchemiastory.jp/
  • *Accessible from PCs and Smartphones