• 2024/04/11 15:38
  • Asobimo, Inc.
  • President: Katsunori Kondo

Chapter 1 concludes! New Story Section 6, Part 2 “One End” released!

A new story, the second part of the sixth Section 6, "One End," has been released for Metria, the 3D action RPG in which hope and sin collide.

■Your fateful tie with Haylead finally comes to end! The second part of the new story, Section 6, has been released.

With the release of the second part of the new story, Section 6, ‘One End’, the first chapter finally concludes. Witness the end of the first chapter as you put an end to the battle with Haylead, the cause of the epidemic.



■Metria: An RPG where hope and sin collide

Metria, the brand new original smartphone game developed by the team behind Iruna Online, is a 3D action RPG game themed around hope and sin.

The main story is written by the script writer of Iruna Online. The game incorporates cutscenes with 3D graphics extensively throughout the story. Along with the detailed movements of the unique characters, it allows the players to feel more immersed in the story.

The battles that take place from time to time as the story progresses are real-time action battles fought with a team of three. Actions such as regular attacks, skills, and special moves can be performed with just a tap of the icons, and characters can be switched during attacks to achieve coordination. Enjoy cool battles with simple controls!

In addition to the epic story experience and cool action battles, a variety of other interesting features will be coming to Metria, so stay tuned!