• 2018/05/21 16:25
  • ASOBIMO,Inc.
  • President: Katsunori Kondo

Asia’s largest blockchain conference 2018 TOKENSKY TOKYO ASOBIMO cooperating with TokenSky Organizing Committee

Tokyo, Japan- ASOBIMO Inc. is joining TOKENSKY, the biggest blockchain event in Asia, together with TokenSky Organizing Committee (chairman: Peter Zhang). Tokyo Session will be held in Belle Salle Shiodome (Chuo ward, Tokyo) on July 4th and 5th, 2018.

TOKENSKY is the largest event for token economy and blockchain industry in Asia. Experts, such as economists, professors, investors and entrepreneurs gather and discuss about opportunities and problems of the innovative blockchain technology. The event was previously held in Seoul on March 14-15, 2018, and it introduced 170 people and organizations.

This “2018 TOKENSKY Blockchain Conference” will be jointly hosted by ASOBIMO Inc. and TokenSky Organizing Committee on July 4th and 5th, 2018 at Belle Salle Shiodome (Chuo ward, Tokyo). (More details to be announced.)

ASOBIMO Inc. president Katsunori Kondo and TokenSky Organizing Committee president Peter Zhang mentioned the event as follows.

"We are holding this large token and blockchain event here in Japan together with TokenSky Organizing Committee. Through this event you can experience how the world evolves with blockchain technology. Also, I believe that we can accelerate everyone’s businesses with blockchains and human networks, not only in Japan but around the world."

– ASOBIMO Inc. President Katsunori Kondo

"We are very pleased to be able to hold TokenSky Tokyo Session in Japan together with ASOBIMO. Blockchain technology has received a lot of attention in China as well. In order to apply this technology into various fields, TokenSky Organizing Committee aims to revitalize the blockchain communication around the world, where this Tokyo session will also play an important role. Together with ASOBIMO, a new community will be born in this Tokyo Session, and we will make an event that will become the basis of further development of blockchain and new businesses."

– TokenSky Organizing Committee Chairman Peter Zhang


  • Event name: 2018 TOKENSKY Blockchain Conference Tokyo Session
  • Organizer: ASOBIMO,Inc.・TokenSky Organize Committee
  • Date: July 4th and 5th , 2018
  • Place:Belle Salle Shiodome (Sumitomo Fudousan Shiodome Hamarikyu Building, 8-21-1,Ginza,Chuoku)
  • *More details to be announced

ASOBIMO Inc. has announced their blockchain project of distributed secondary content platform ASOBI MARKET and ASOBI COIN. They are planning to continue to contribute to the innovative blockchain industry development in the future as well.

ICO ASOBI COIN Official Site https://asobimo.io/

Coinciding with the event, they will start the ICO presale "ASOBI COIN" on Wednesday, July 4, 2018 at 15:00 JST. They have released a white paper on their website, where you can also register for their newsletter and find their official Telegram group.

ICO ASOBI COIN Official Site:https://asobimo.io/

Telegram Official group:https://t.me/AsobiCoin_Official


The images are from "2018 TOKENSKY Blockchain Conference Seoul Session" held in Seoul, South Korea on March 14th and 15th, 2018.


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