• 2017/08/30 14:08
  • ASOBIMO,Inc.
  • President: Katsunori Kondo

Full-Scale Action MMORPG “AVABEL ONLINE” Ultimate Kodora Attacks! Event for unbelievably gorgeous rewards Defeat the giant monster with comrades!!

Tokyo, Japan - ASOBIMO,Inc. has started the event "Ultimate Kodora Attacks" that can be able to get the gorgeous rewards in 3D Action MMORPG "AVABEL ONLINE". The application is free to download from Google Play and App Store, and anyone can join the event.

From today, the term limited event "Ultimate Kodora Attacks" has been started. For this event, giant monster "Ultimate Kodora" will be appeared at special Challenge Dungeon. During the event, During the event period, there is an achievement reward corresponding to the number of "Ultimate Kodora" defeated.

Earning a lot of number of monster defeated, will have chance to acquire a one "RE ORB BOX R" which will be able to obtain from "RE ORB BOX R" randomly.

Whats more, "RE ORB BOX R" is in lineup. Collect the item "Kodora's Fung" that are reward for Challenge Dungeon and use this items at "Special Pack".

【Chance to get special rewards. The event "Ultimate Kodora Attacks" now start.】

For this event, the Challenge Dungeon "Ultimate Kodora Attacks" will be released. There is chance to get great items such as "Event Coin" or "RE ORB BOX R" as a reward!Also, user will be able to get usable item from special Pack by collecting "Kodora's Fung" that monster drops. The "RE ORB BOX R" is also in included in the lineups of this Pack.

▲Huge Kodora is walking around in the dungeon...!!

▲Be aware! Ultimate Kodora strikes so hard! Cooperate with your comrades!

▲Let' challenge the special Pack from Kodora Hunter in the Event Square.


【About the Game】

AVABEL ONLINE is a 3D-MMORPG that delivers the best in smartphone graphics. Both Android and iOS users can enjoy the game's exhilarating features in the same world. Monster hunting and Quests in the MMO field "Main Tower", "Dungeon" challenged by party or solo, and PvP with up to 1,000 players are all available in ultimate graphics.

Official Website:https://avabelonline.com/

【Game Summary】

  • Genre:Action MMORPG
  • Information disclosure date:August 30, 2017 (Event Ultimate Kodora Attacks)
  • Price:Free to Play
  • Supported OS: Android OS 2.3 or higher, iOS 7.0 or higher
  • Languages: Worldwide Support (English, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, German, Spanish, etc.)