• 2017/07/27 17:10
  • ASOBIMO,Inc.
  • President: Katsunori Kondo

Exhilarating Action MMORPG “Aurcus Online” 7 New Maps&New Skills for All Jobs! ~The new story unfolds in the vast desert area!~

Tokyo, Japan - ASOBIMO,Inc. has applied a major update to action MMORPG "Aurcus Online" for smartphones, which will add Skills for all Jobs and new maps. The application is free to download from Google Play and App Store.

Firstly, we have added 7 new maps: 5 field maps and 2 dungeon maps on which you can go on a new adventure after this update. There will be unique maps such as a desert area with a lot of ancient relics, an ominous tomb where the royalties of the once-flourishing dynasty are enshrined. Powerful monsters will appear in all the maps and stand on your way. At the deepest part of the dungeon, the mighty boss monsters: “Epsilon” and “Mahmud” await you and you can get strong new equipment by defeating them.

Also, new skills have been added to all 12 Jobs. Each skill fits the personality of the Jobs and they will bring more variation to your combat style. The level cap of characters have been raised to 85 in accordance with the addition of skills.

【Go on a New Adventure! 7 New Maps Added!】

5 field maps and 2 dungeon maps have been newly released. Each map has unique atmosphere and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, however, strength of the monsters is much higher than you’ve ever seen. Furthermore, you must face “Epsilon” and “Mahmud” at the deepest part of the dungeon maps.

≪New Maps≫

~Field Maps~

▼Kathib Junction

Idris region is famous for historical ruins, and this place is regarded as the entrance of the area where ancient relics can be excavated most. The ancient relics emit mana and the monsters beyond here are affected by it. So, no one would approach here except for excavation.

▼Nuqtat-Tahattum Relics

One of the areas beyond “Kathib Junction”. Useful and handy relics are often excavated and the excavators call themselves Ruin Hunters and vying with each other.

▼Colline Hammam

One of the areas beyond “Kathib Junction”. Even hunters don’t want to approach because of the magma-like liquid with strange mana that blows out everywhere.

~Dungeon Maps~

▼Library of Insanity

No one knows where it exists. Seems like the technology as old as ancient relics is still working there.

▼Haya Dynasty Mausoleum

A mausoleum said to be known only by the royal blood of Haya family. Their subordinates are also buried in ancient times and the ghosts try to attack grave robbers.

【Learn the Skills and Overwhelm Enemies! 12 New Skills Released!】

We have added 1 skill to all 12 Jobs! New skills have been added to the popular Jobs: “Samurai”, “Shinobi”, “Guardian” and “Mana Slinger” in addition to the normal Jobs. Combine the skills that you have already learned and new skills!


▼Samurai: Master: Kasumi-oboro

Jumps forward and lands while slashing horizontally.Can avoid opponent's strike while jumping if used after maximum charge.

▼Warrior: Cyclone

Generates cyclone and thrusts it forward.Cyclone changes to large cyclone after traveling fixed distance and attacks the surroundings.

▼Archmage: Clock Down

Generates magic square in the surroundings with the effect of increasing CT.Against monsters, it has attack power decreasing effect.

▼Mana Slinger: Absorber Chaff

Sprinkles mana particle and adds 50% suffered damage cut effect and bend/knock back resistance to self.


【About the Game】

"Aurcus Online" is a 3D Action MMORPG for Smartphones in which the player becomes a member of an armed organization and journey around the world. Different from the typical target-style (selecting the target for automatic attacks), the battle of Aurcus Online requires the players to actively move in the attacking range of the target. This provides the exhilaration to move the character freely, and more excitement and reality to battles.

Official Website:https://aurcusonline.com/

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【Game Summary】

  • Title:Aurcus Online
  • Genre:Action MMORPG
  • Update Date: July 27, 2017(New field and Skill Update)
  • Price:Free to play
  • Supported OS:Android 2.3 or later, iOS6.0 or later
  • *Some devices are not compatible/supported.